Kanel Suos

UI and UX Design

My pieces are conceptual; mainly to be creative, grow my design skills, and gain a deeper understanding of visual design patterns and usability practices.

This section is continually being updated, but here are a few designs.

Have fun!

Sample sign up page

Here’s a quick, simple, and clean one for a mock podcast ad recording service.

Minimal product page, w/ light colors and font to highlight the plant.

Puttin' on & takin' off your hat too much work? There’s an app for that. You’re welcome.

Made a concept pet fitness and health app! Track Spot’s weight, medical, and activity all in one!

Pizza scent in the den, cedar in the kitchen… you set it your way with DwellSmell app!

BeKnown-the augmented reality app to onboard you into the real world. For Encino Men and aliens alike!

An out of this world @JetBlue Galactic pass! Be sure to pack (and travel @ the speed of) light!

Here’s a movie streaming TV app, w/Spotify-like playlist & library functionality.

Here’s pricing 4 a post-apocalyptic survival subscr svce.

Uploadin' 2: The Electric Cloud Boogaloo! Do a windmill while u upload files on this 80s themed screen

medici – a concept crowdfunding site; here’s a doomsday recipe vault campaign! End is nigh!

Here’s my stab @ a blog post page (nested in a user profile page) in a concept blogging/social app.

For some reason, I was thinking about the Sunset Junction sign as I made this special offer pop-up.

Here’s a calendar app w/vertical blade layout & color-coded category calendars (say that 3 times fast!).

No better recipe to share via a concept recipe app than boiled duck embryos. Beaks, bones, n' feathers! Mmm

Athlead’s a concept fitness/workout tracking app; this page lets you plan & time your workouts.

Inspired by the Domino’s pizza builder, here’s a product customization page 4 nachos. Jalapenos!